5 ways to live your best life, without even trying!

We know times are hectic and it’s hard for people to actively find time to feel better and make healthier choices, but some actions can easily fit into your normal busy schedule!

Here are 5 simple ways to be healthier and to feel better without even trying too hard!

1) Get off the bus/train a stop early and walk the last bit home. You’ll feel better having done a little extra!

2) Take the stairs instead of the escalator. Fun fact: the lift at Wheyhey is slow so if you take the stairs you usually beat the lift anyway!

3) Drink lots of water! It’s good for your body and skin! Dehydration is the no.1 cause of headaches, try drinking a glass of water before taking anything for the pain.

4) Get a good night’s sleep. This is often forgotten when people think about healthier living! But there’s nothing we like more than having an early night, getting into clean sheets and waking up feeling amazingly refreshed!

5) Spend an hour less on your phone each day! We are all guilty of mindless refreshing just because we are bored, but doing something else instead helps you switch off and feel happier.


Although what we’ve listed isn’t exactly new information, it’s always helpful to be reminded of some easy steps! Who wouldn’t want to feel happier and healthier?


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