• Catching up with Rich Tidmarsh over coffee.

    Catching up with Rich Tidmarsh over coffee.
    We met up with celebrity trainer Rich Tidmarsh from Reach Fitness to chat about all things gym, fitness getaways and not-so-cheat meals. Watch the video below to find out all about Rich and his obsession with naked workouts, as well as getting some top tips on how to exercise on a hangover, and what will be in-store for Wheyhey's duo, Laura & Lottie, when they embark on the...
  • My Freshers First Steps.

    My Freshers First Steps.
    Being the youngest of the group here at Wheyhey it is no surprise that my memory of freshers serves me better than anyone else…..sorry team! However, this does give me the chance to relive parts of those crazy first two weeks, or at least the parts I can remember. I went to UEA in the medieval city of Norwich, it’s on that bit of...
  • New 500ml Tubs At Tesco... Wheyhey

    New 500ml Tubs At Tesco... Wheyhey
    Our New 500ml Tubs Have Arrived In Tesco Stores!! To our wonderful Wheyhey family, we have some very exciting news for you all that has us all doing a little jig. Drum roll please... Our 500ml tubs have now arrived in Tesco stores!! The wonderful flavours of Chocolate and Salted Caramel ice cream are now available in a bigger and better tub for your continuous...
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