10 things we're loving right now

No one can be happy all the time, and that's fine! However, certain things will brighten your mood just by thinking about them. Here are 10 things making us happy right now:

1) It is FINALLY getting warm. This means hello summer, hello festivals and hello more fun!

2) Dog Instagram pages. Wat.ki is one of our favs! If you’re feeling down head over to Instagram and find someone’s pet’s page and you’ll feel better.

3) Leopard print. I’m hoping that this will never go out of fashion!

4) Orange squash. Squash is so underrated

5) Lighter mornings/evenings. It no longer feels like you’re waking up in the middle of the night!

6) New season of GOT is out soon. For all you fans, this will be a very exciting time!

7) Sunday roasts. You can’t go wrong with a roast! I get excited knowing that Sunday is approaching a pub roast is on the cards.

8) The guy from Come Dine with Me: ‘Enjoy the money Jane’. It will never get old.

9) Murder documentaries on Netflix. Bit dark I know, but also very interesting if you like this kind of thing.

10) Double bank holiday coming up. You know what this means. Fun in the sun. 

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