Clapham Friends Local Delivery

This discount only applies if you are within 1 mile of Clapham Common Station. The discount is only available on the following products: Wheyhey Chocolate Orange Brownies x 15, Wheyhey Chocolate Coconut Brownies x 15, Wheyhey Chocolate Peanut Brownies x 15, Wheyhey Chocolate Crispies Clusters x 16, and Wheyhey Chocolate Caramel Clusters. There is no minimum order but we do have a limited supply so we may not be able to fulfil all orders. Orders received before 3pm will be delivered the next day. We will ring on your doorbell/knock on your door and once opened we will leave on the doorstep/entrance. If you have any special delivery information we should know please contact All deliveries are subject to government guidelines.
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