Things to look forward to in 2019!

Happy New Year all! 🍾

We've created a list of the things that we're looking forward to most this year and there's plenty to enjoy throughout the year! 

No 1: We're on offer in Tesco for £2.50!! Yes we're excited about it because we're already on offer, use the link here to find your nearest Tesco store  😃

No 2: We're on offer in Sainsbury's for £3! Yep that's right, we're on promotion in two different stores at once....outrageous right 😉

No 2: Series 2 of Killing Eve. If you were living under a rock that was under another rock then we'd understand if you hadn't heard about the awesome BBC series, but with the new series due to be out in 2019 it's time to get the Currys & PCWorld installer round to fit that TV under the rock. 

No 3: The Women's World Cup. After the incredible highs and inevitable lows of the most recent World Cup, we cannot wait to see how our women do, we're predicting winners of course.

No 4: Game of Thrones final season. I'm a massive fan of GOT (yes that's right I used the abbreviation) and the excitement of seeing those dragons flying over King's Landing finally is getting too much....DRACARYS! Even better news is that the episodes will be an hour and a half long, basically 5 films 😍

No 5: Amazon Basics Microwave. Yes you heard right, Amazon's world domination is getting closer and closer, now instead of taking your food to the microwave and pressing a few buttons, you can take your food to the microwave and tell Alexa to do the buttons...

This has been our insight into what 2019 has to offer, we have some exciting plans lined up for ice cream and brownies this year so keep a look out on our social media 😋

Have an awesome year everyone!


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