Wheyhey Minimalistic Gluten Free Pancakes


Something you may know about us here at Wheyhey is that we love pancakes. To us they signify all that we love about the fun-loving, healthy lifestyle that we are passionate about. Pancakes can be made with uber-healthy ingredients and still feel like a treat. A health consciously made pancake retains all the benefits of eating right while having the added excitement of an impromptu pancake day.

A while back we shared one of our favourite pancake recipes, the melt-in-the-middle pancakes. That is one recipe we definitely suggest trying out. However, we know there are a huge number of gluten free diet followers in the Wheyhey community. We wanted to let them in on the pancake fun. These gluten free pancakes are also sugar free and ,with some extra Wheyhey goodness, full of protein.

Two Ingredient Gluten Free Pancakes

We tinkered around and found the ultimate minimalistic gluten free pancakes recipe. In all honesty, these could be made with only two ingredients - banana and eggs. If you want, you can create your pancake batter with just these two items alone. However, we wanted to give these gluten free pancakes an extra kick. So, we added in salt, cinnamon and vanilla extra. A small add-on that makes a lot of difference. Below we will show you how to make pancakes, but first let's talk about the final flourish.

Pimping Out Your Banana Pancakes - Wheyhey Style

We believe that the magic of pancakes is in the toppings. If you want to keep it minimalistic, feel free to ignore the add-ons but we just can't help ourselves. What you decide to put on your gluten free pancakes is completely up to you. However, we'll give a few suggestions.

We like to keep it healthy and tasty with our toppings. For these gluten free pancakes we suggest using some Wheyhey Salted Caramel Sugar-Free Ice Cream, chia seeds, a drizzle of honey, blueberries and, the piece de resistance, chopped up Wheyhey Chocolate Coconut Brownie. Lots of protein, lots of flavour and a whole lot of fun. Get the full low-down below. Make sure to tag us in photos of the final product and help spread the inspiration.

Serves: Enough for one person
Prep Time: < 5 mins

What Do I Need?

For the Batter:

2 Large Free Range Eggs

1 Large Banana

1 Tsp of Vanilla Extract

A Pinch of Salt

A Pinch of Cinnamon

A Blender

A Tsp of Coconut Oil or Low Calorie Cooking Spray

Pimp it Out (All optional bar Wheyhey essentials, those are mandatory):

1 Tsp of milled chia seeds
1 Tub of Wheyhey Sugar Free Salted Caramel Minis
1 Wheyhey Chocolate Coconut Brownie (Cut in pieces)
1 Tsp of Honey
Handful of Blueberries

What Do I Do?

  1. Add the banana, eggs, cinnamon and vanilla extract to a blender. Blend until smooth.
  2. Add a tsp of coconut oil to a non-stick frying pan. Another option here is to use a few sprays of low calorie cooking spray. These should be available in most stores and help to reduce the amount of oil used when cooking.
  3. Put the frying pan on the hob at a medium to high temperature (for a comparison, we had it on heat mark 4 of 6.)
  4. Once the pan is heated, pour a helping of your batter in. Aim to create a mini pancake shape.
  5. Heat the gluten free pancake on one side until a few air bubbles begin to appear. If you flip before this it may be too liquidy and things can get pretty messy.
  6. Heat the other side of the pancake until you can smoothly remove from frying pan using a spatula.
  7. That's one pancake done.
  8. It's a known fact that the first pancake is always the worst. You should be able to judge the heat and timing better as you go.
  9. Now simply repeat until your pancake batter is all gone.
  10. Get creative with the toppings. Enjoy!


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