Wheyhey smoothies

We have not one but TWO smoothie recipes for you all! The amazing @nikesandnutella has whipped up both a #strawberry and #chocolate smoothie, made using our very own @wheyheyofficial ice cream!! To keep you going through the week, we have shared the recipe which is just below… Enjoy!!



Serves 1


150 ml pot of WheyHey! strawberry icecream
Handful of ice
20g whey protein
50g of frozen berries
1 cup of water so you don’t blow up your blender

30g WheyHey! chocolate icecream
100ml of dark chocolate almond milk
25g spinach
20g avocado
approx 100ml water
27g peanut butter (meant to be 20g but went a little OTT…)
20g whey protein


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