• Wheyhey Protein Brownie Layer Cakes

    Wheyhey Protein Brownie Layer Cakes
    We don’t know about you but when we hear a mention of “Layer Cake” we are thinking Daniel Craig, Sienna Miller, guns, gangsters and crime. We might need to stop watching so many movies. The more commonly recognized interpretation is a lot less James Bond and a lot more delicious. A layer cake is exactly as it sounds. Typically it’s a cake with 3-5...
  • Wheyhey Chocolate and Peanut Butter Protein Bomb

    Wheyhey Chocolate and Peanut Butter Protein Bomb
    As bombs go, this chocolate and peanut butter protein bomb is pretty fun. The thing is, it’s not any normal bomb - it’s a timed bomb. On one hand we wanted to make a melt-in-your-mouth protein cake. But we also wanted to create a healthy dessert that was ready in minutes. The only catch was, to make a cake that lasts it usually needs...
  • Wheyhey Vanilla Milkshake

    Wheyhey Vanilla Milkshake
    Ah, the milkshake, what a nostalgic treat, it really takes you back. We have fond memories of the godfather of ice cream desserts. As a kid enjoying a creamy milkshake during summer holidays, or how about with a burger and chips on family nights out? Nothing tops a good milkshake. They are delicious, soothing and the staple of any healthy diet. Wait, that can’t...
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