Wheyhey High Five Friday

This week’s Wheyhey High Five goes out to Tom Copping!

Not only has he gone through a great transformation himself, but we are truly inspired by what he’s doing for the community too!

Here is his story:
“Last year I was inspired by the story of a man called Tony the Fridgeman running for cancer and felt that i needed to do more for charity.

With this in mind i wanted to have an effect on the local community and help those directly in need within the area i live. I am a personal trainer and one of my clients mentioned to me he was involved with a charity called the Bristol under privileged children charity, after hearing this and looking at the charity closer i felt this was a great cause to help out.

So the event is basically myself and 9 other people and we will be rotating around completing as many burpees as possible in 4 hours. There will always be one person working the whole time to ensure a non stop Burpeeathon.

I felt that most people who are in need of help are generally going through some kind of pain. So I decided what better way to raise money than to go through a bit myself in aid of them.”

We absolutely love this story down at the Wheyhey HQ. So a huge shout out to Tom and all of his team:
Tom Copping
Laura Panes
Chris Ball
Mika Collert
Aysha Muzaffar
Matt Peters
Ben Santamaria
Hester Watson
Jay Amin
10th person currently undecided.

We hope the day is a huge successf and good luck for the Burpeeathon!!  If you’d like to donate to Tom & his team for their Burpeeathon then check out the link here:


Big love to you all from the Wheyhey team!

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