National Fitness Day, the Wheyhey Whey

As today is National Fitness Day we thought what better whey than to give all you lovely Wheyhey fans our top 5 fitness tips!

  • First up on our list, is how to start the day the right way! Yep, you’ve got it.. Breakfast! We’ve all been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it should come as no surprise that this is certainly something the Wheyhey HQ team believe in too. With science behind us, a protein rich breakfast is definitely an essential part of our diet. Protein stabilises blood sugar so if it’s eaten first thing in the morning, the right breakfast will hugely stabilise your metabolism, giving you a sustained energy release throughout the day and fewer cravings!
  • Keep on drinking!

Water is absolutely vital for the body. We all know we should be keeping hydrated throughout the day, but staying hydrated whilst exercising can be a whole new ball game! Exercise leads to additional sweat loss, requiring us to keep guzzling back the water at an even faster rate.

  • Don’t let your training regime become repetitive

Mix up your training scheme by keeping it hard but enjoyable, the key is to have fun! If you normally visit the park for a good run around, why not take a dive into the local pool, or go for a bike ride as an alternative way of getting some fresh air! There hundreds of sports out there and trying something new is always a great way to burn off that excess energy without realising just how hard your working!

  • Rest and recovery is important! Each time you exercise, you’re putting your body stress and it is important to give your body and the nervous system itself time to rest. The right recovery also calls for the right after training snacks. What’s so great about the concept of our protein ice cream, is that you can indulge in our tastey pots as a dietary source of protein and as a desert that doesn’t compromise on a healthy diet.
  • Last, but certainly not least is the Wheyhey Warm Down! More often than not, we all remember to warm up. But once the workouts finished, the warm down often gets forgotten. Our favourite way to unwind here is the Hot Tub Warm down. Wheyhey ice cream in hand is an optional, but certainly recommended by us!

For more from the Wheyhey Team on National Fitness Day, head on over to the lifestyle post with Greg Duggan (the co-founder of Wheyhey!) giving his advice on keeping in shape!

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