Work out in the Park!

Ashton is smashing out the workouts for us here at Wheyhey so we have even more fantastic work outs for our Wheyhey family to enjoy!

This one is best done in a park so that you have some space to run. Again we are keeping it simple but if you put maximum effort into it you will definitely feel the burn.

Set 2 cones 50m apart these will be used to run between. Once you have sprinted between the two cones you will perform 10 reps of exercise A. Once all 10 reps are done sprint the 100m again and perform 9 reps of exercise A. You will repeat this until you are down at 1 rep. Then rest 1 minute and repeat the same sequence with exercise B and C.

A. Press Ups
B. Jump Squat
C. Reverse Crunches

We are always happy to see people’s progress at Wheyhey HQ so why not send in your picture! @wheyheyofficial


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