5 Outrageous Summer Screens You Have Got To try!

Here are some cooler ways to sit back and enjoy a film besides the classic sofa experience… we’ve created a list of 5 awesome spots we definitely recommend.

No.1 is the Rooftop Film Club at the Bussey Building where you can kick back and watch a film on the rooftop of Bussey Building. Be sure to grab your friends and plenty of snacks because this is a place to share. Our Film Highlight is Toy Story is on (Sat 24th of July)! Check out its astonishing overlook of Peckham… unless you’d rather enjoy a more tropical experience…

In that case, the No.2 Back Yard Cinema is for you, offering guests an inside beach screening experience. The space is full of deck chairs and golden sand, so be sure to bring your flip flops! Our film highlight is Disney’s, Moana on 30th September set on a tropical island… could it get any better?

Well yes! Next is No.3 The Floating Festival at St Katharine Docks. What could possibly be better than lounging on a beanbag watching Mama Mia (17th July) on big screen with the dock in the background? Definitely recommend this one!

Now for a more classic option, the No.4 Open Air Theatre at Regrets Park offers live theatre performance like A Midsummer Night’s Dream, it’s a great use of stage area and seating…even better still in the fresh air. Creative and unique performances!

No.5 Somerset House has a HUGE outdoor screen with lots of seating, perfect for an evening trip to the movies. They have a massive variety of films on show. Our film highlight is Straight Outta Compton on 15th August (also a personal favorite of ours).

We’d love to hear of your recommendations…

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