High 5 Friday

It’s time for us to send a massive Wheyhey High 5 out to another amazing person we’ve had the pleasure of meeting. So without any more wheyting around we like to introduce you to James Brumpton. We met James through Twitter & heard his amazing transformation story.

His journey started when at 16 he found out he weighed 20st 3lbs, & decided to take matters into his own hands. He started to lose weight through a controlled diet & regularly hitting the gym, not through any fad diets. 3 years in & he had already lost 5-6 stone. Then in early 2012 he started to lift weights seriously, he then went on to lose another 4st over the next 3 months. His overall weight loss to date is 10-11st & he is now focusing on overall muscle composition & is currently shredding to celebrate the 10th year of his change in September with a photo shoot. His main focuses are currently around muscle group workouts (Backs/Bis, Chest/Tris, Shoulder/Calves/Abs & Legs) with a bit of HITT & LISS mixed in for good measure.

We’ve got nothing but admiration for James here at Wheyhey HQ as he has shown a massive amount of commitment & mental strength to change his life the whey he wanted to. As always we’re so proud to have James feature as our High Five Friday & to have him as a part of our Wheyhey family now

If you want to appear on our blog, send us your story to info@wheyhey.com or tweet them to @wheyheyofficial #WheyheyHigh5 & you could be getting our next Wheyhey High Five


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