Wheyhey & Chocolate Protein Crispies

Why not add a little something to your favourite Wheyhey ice cream with these chocolate protein crispies.

They’re a great addition to any wheyhey dish and that extra crunch will leave you wanting more and more! This is a simple dish you can make for friends, they wont believe you when you tell them it’s perfectly healthy for them too


To make 1 serving:
30g dark chocolate
10g protein crispies
Heaps of your favourite Wheyhey flavours.


1. Melt the dark chocolate and pour into a mould. (I used a heart mould as Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us!)
2. Sprinkle over the protein crispies and gently push them into the chocolate.
3. Place the mould in the fridge and allow to chill for at least an hour before removing from the mould
4. Spoon your favourite flavours of Wheyhey into a sundae dish and top with the chocolate protein crispies.


If you’re making these for a group, I’d recommend grabbing your spoon quick, they’re almost too good to share!

Share them with us too @ProteinChef and @WheyheyOfficial


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