• Our favourite recipes to celebrate #nationalchocolateweek!

    Our favourite recipes to celebrate #nationalchocolateweek!
    Chocolate and Salted Caramel Overnight Oats Mornings can be a rush, and the last thing we want to do is sacrifice 10 minutes extra in bed. This is the perfect solution to the morning muddle as they can be prepped the night before – and tastes just like a dessert! Ingredients 110g of porridge oats 110ml of skimmed milk/oat milk 110g of natural yogurt 1 scoop...
  • Wheyhey Low Sugar Chocolate Brownie Sundae 😍

    Wheyhey Low Sugar Chocolate Brownie Sundae 😍
      Wheyhey Low Sugar Chocolate Brownie Sundae 🍨   Wheyhey Naturally Sugar Free Chocolate/ Salted Caramel Ice Cream (or both 😉).   Wheyhey Naturally Low in Sugar Chocolate Brownies (Orange, Coconut, Peanut)   Sugar free marshmallows (We used Free’ist Sugar Free Marshmallows)   Sugar free chocolate sauce (We used Sweet Freedom Chocolate sauce)   Fresh raspberries and blueberries.   Crushed nuts to top.  ...
  • Wheyhey Bloody Mary Mocktail

    Wheyhey Bloody Mary Mocktail
    Summer is well and truly here and we want to help you give it a little kickstart with one of our favourite mocktail recipes. The warm weather means there is more temptation than ever to swerve off course. With this mocktail recipe, we have a delicious alcohol-free, healthy cocktail which will keep you on track while still enjoying the party. What is a Mocktail? When...
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