Wheyhey Peach & Watermelon Bowl

Good morning Wheyheyers

Today we’ve got a treat for you all that is perfectly matched to this phenomenal weather & is going to make the summer ahead even more delicious. A simply yet eye catching dish that is made to be enjoyed in the sunshine.

1 x Banoffee Wheyhey
1 x Watermelon
2 x Peaches


1) Cut the top off the watermelon & scoop out the inside
2) Slice peaches into quarters removing all stones
3) Further slice peaches into symmetrical pieces
4) Squeeze Banoffee Wheyhey into Watermelon
5) Place peach slices around the Banoffee ice cream inside watermelon
6) Grab a spoon a dig into the perfect summer dish

As always big love from the Wheyhey team & have a great day


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