Day 2 round up: Pastel de nata, the snake and mysterious creatures

Day 2 started strong with an epic breakfast packed full of protein and even carbs (we didn’t think we’d be allowed these on a fitness retreat). It was a slower start to the day for the team we lounged, went for a dip in the pool and even snuck off to the shop to get some Pastel de nata’s.

Our state of relaxation was abruptly cut short, it was time for Rich’s torture chamber. The class was as brutal as we expected. We started with mobilisation, then onto something called the ‘snake’. The snake is essentially follow the leader, but instead of forming a conga, we had to follow our leader on a series of stations. We goblet squatted, sled pushed and shoulder tapped our way through it to an electric soundtrack.

The finisher was a 20 mins of continuous movement, 1 min row, 1 min bike and a run around the pitch. Luckily my tour of London’s spin classes put me in great stead for the bike, to the sound of Calvin Harris I double-timed my team to the lead... much to Rich’s disliking.

Post workout the team headed to the pool and we all jumped into the pool in our sweaty gym gear... not sure how hygienic that is, but it felt so good.

After lunch we had some downtime in preparation for another restorative session from the lovely Elodie.

Yoga was a sweaty affair where we were put to our limits, especially our resident HIIT lover Lottie. For her, the Shavasana was well received.

We were treated to real luxury for dinner, we got out of our activewear and into our best gear and headed to the Anantara Hotel. The drinks were flowing... all about that balance and we had some very interesting conversations... google Tokoloshe should you want to know more.

All in all Day 2 was pretty outrageous!

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