Day 3 round-up: Rich's Rugby Raucous Retreat.

By day three we were starting to feel a bit sore.

Both of us are pretty active, however, it soon became apparent that two-hour strength sessions and 90-minute yoga sessions were a bit of a step up from our usual workouts.

We kicked off the day with some super strong coffee and some breakfast – a protein feast of ricotta, turkey ham, eggs (and toast for me and Laura, shhh don’t tell Rich)

Luckily, Elodie took pity on us and gave us a relaxing yoga session in the morning sun straight after breakfast to stretch out our sore muscles.

Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, Rich didn’t hold back when it came to his class. With a history of coaching both strength and conditioning for a top rugby team, Rich knew how to whip us into shape and how to get us to leave fitter, faster and stronger than when we arrived.

We started the session with a quick agility session which neither Laura nor myself particularly excelled at, speed step overs. After many stumbles, we went onto a game like netball and tag rugby.

For those of you that are unaware, Laura is an extremely talented netball player. During this game, she really came into her own. Her talents were such that, despite having me on her team, we scored many goals over the opposition.

 We then got stuck into rugby tackles and the below photo has prompted Laura to reconsider her netball career in favour of rugby…

After our rugby training, we got dressed up and headed to the Puro Beach Club, where we sipped on cocktails and had supper on the beach watching the sunset.­­

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