Spring Is On It’s Whey

So Spring is on its way and it won’t be long until the clocks are going forward bringing us those longer lighter evenings I am sure you have all missed….I know I have.

But the only problem is it means you are going to lose an hour and as time is precious and I am sure most of you already struggle to make enough time in the week to train as much as you would like I thought I would devise a workout to help you double up on your exercise in the same amount of time.

In this workout we will use your rest period as an “active rest” this means you will carry out a core or abdominal exercise or a cardio exercise in your rest period as you catch your breath. This means we can fit more into your workout and get your burning more calories in a shorter time. Win Win

Warm up and mobilisation – 5 mins.

A1) High Knees (Jogging on the spot) x40
A2) Body Weight Squats x30
A3) Press Ups x 20
A4) Tricep Dips x10
Active Rest – Row 200m at a medium Pace
Repeat x 5

B1) Mountain Climbers x40
B2) Bodyweight Lunges x30 (15 each side)
B3) TRX Rows x 20
B4) Burpees x 10
Active Rest – 1 Minute Plank (Drop to knees if you can’t hold a full minute and hold a half plank)
Repeat x5

Cool Down and stretch

Tweet me (@enhance_LDN) and let me know how you found the active recovery, it’s always a great way to get more work done in the same amount of time.


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