Happy National Toast Day

“How do you like your toast in the morning… I like mine with Wheyhey”


Happy National toast day!


To all you spreaders, dippers, crunchers, today is special day where we get to celebrate everything toasty. With toast being the perfect counterpart to nearly every food imaginable we thought we’d let you all into a cheeky Wheyhey HQ secret.


A regular morning treat and innovate creation of ours over here is the geniusly named ‘Whey-gel’. Whey-gel we hear you cry what is that? … Well we take a Bagel and a tub of Wheyhey and like magic your tastebuds are tingling with the surprising contradiction of the hot toast with the ice cold flavour of ice cream. It goes down a right treat!


On today’s menu is a delicious New York Bagel with a tub of Vanilla Wheyhey and banana chunks. Simple, easy and quick to prepare and never a bad time to be eaten. Why not have a try creating your own version of ‘Whey-gel’ post us some pics of how you get on, the more innovative the better we love finding out new ways to to eat our tasty pots!



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