6 Exercises to Shock your metabolism with Dan Chapman

Plyometrics has got to be a favourite to include into your workouts. Its free form, explosive movements are great for conditioning your entire body. It’s great to up the intensity of your exercise and is easy to do anywhere with just your body weight.

To work even harder, you can add resistance but don’t worry about going heavy. Maximise your effort and push yourself!

Explosive staggered push-up (upper body + core)
1. Begin in a push-up position but stagger your hands by placing one hand further back than the other with elbows bent at 90 degrees.
2. Push through the movement and explode up with enough force to jump the hands off the ground and alternate position before landing.

Tip: This one might be best to practice from the knees and with the goal of working towards doing them from the toes.


Snowboarders (lower body)
1. Start in a squat position, with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart.
2. Squat down until you are a little lower than 90 degrees, then explode upward as if you were performing a jump squat springing as high as you can.
3. As you jump rotate your whole body around, doing a half turn, so that you are facing in the opposite direction landing back into a deep squat.


Lateral Burpee (full body + core)
1. Start standing with feet shoulder width apart. Drop down into a full burpee, hands reaching the floor first, then jump both feet back while simultaneously bending your elbows so that your chest lowers to the floor.
2. Explosively spring back up onto your feet and jump laterally to your right using explosive power.
3. As soon as you land on your feet again drop down to another full burpee repeating the same sequence jumping to the left.


Power jumps (lower body + core)
1. Starting in a standing upright position with feet shoulder width apart, squat down until you are a little lower than 90 degrees.
2. Swing your arms backward and with explosive power propel yourself forward into a big jump, landing both feet at the same time and absorbing into a squat.


Surfers (full body + core)
1. Lie flat with your chest on floor and your hands placed as if your were about to do a push up.
2. Look straight ahead and now push up until your chest comes up off the floor.
3. Brace your core and with explosive power and effort jump your legs and feet forward underneath you so that your hands come off the floor and you transfer your bodyweight to your feet.
4. You should end up on your feet in a low staggered position, legs strong with arms out wide for balance as if you were on a surf board.


Plyo push jacks (full body + core)
1. Start in a push up position with shoulders above your hands and balancing on your toes with feet shoulder width apart. Brace your core and keeping your body straight like a plank.
2. Jump both your hands and your feet outward at the same time so they end up super wide then immediately jump them back to the starting position.
3. Keep repeating as if you were performing a jump jack.


You may like to add these individually to your workouts or even group these together to make a circuit.

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