How to shake up your workout routine with Dan Chapman

If you want to mix up your exercise routine, Dan’s your man! He is here to tell us what you can do to get the benefits you want to achieve.

It can get a little mind boggling choosing which type of cardio to do and when to incorporate different methods into your training. If you have an exercise you really love, be inventive with it, change the intensity and duration to keep it fresh and work you hard, otherwise you’re body will get used to one preferred method.


How to shake things up:

  • Cardio bursts between your resistance training workout

Try adding 30-40 seconds of cardio on the end of every weightlifting set
e.g.  skipping immediately after each resistance exercise set

  • Spice things up with intervals 

A simple interval structure would be a work phase and rest phase. Try both short high intensity work phases at 80-90% (all out) and longer lower intensity work phases at 60-70%.
e.g. a 20 second work phase and a 40-50 second rest phase.

  • HICT (High Intensity Circuit Training)

Try performing a number of full-body resistance and bodyweight exercises, with intervals of 45 seconds – 1 minute followed by a short rest period around 10-15 seconds.
e.g. Burpees or squat push press will elevate HR and work multiple muscle groups at once.

  • HDT (Hyper Density Training)

The most basic way to use HDT is to take the regular resistance workouts you’re already doing and simply decrease your rest time between sets – around 20-30seconds.

You can also up the intensity by increasing your output by simply upping the tempo of your exercise.

  • Add in Plyometrics 

Plyometrics is a fun alternative to your everyday strength-training workout that boosts your muscle power, strength, balance, and agility. Either do a workout based around plyometrics, or add some plyo moves to your usual workout routine.

You can add a variation of both vertical and lateral plyometrics moves into your workout – keep your eyes peeled for my plyometrics blog!


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