5 Wheys To Ignite & Awaken Your Gym Mojo

We’re kicking off the New Year with our first blog from our awesome personal trainer Dan Chapman. He’s put together an essential list of how to make sure you’re starting the new year in the best whey possible So without further delay over to you Dan

It’s the new year and it’s time to make those changes . But what are you going to do? Classes? Circuits? Lift weights? Hit the treadmill? I personally have never just relied on one type of exercise to do the job . Be it fat loss, weight loss, muscle gain, Even if I know that it really works and “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” I will still experiment and make sure myself and my clients have a varied week of exciting results driven exercise to do . Always challenging always changing . I know It can get a little mind boggling of course and confusing as to which type of cardio one should choose when incorporating different methods over the week and which has more benefits for what your trying to achieve. its really important to shake things up a little so your body doesn’t get to used to one preferred method. you can do HIIT or LISS or just walk on some days and others do circuits or hit the wattbike, Mix it up ! include your favourite exercises and activities throughout the week to make up your weekly plan. If you have something you really love, like running, you can change up the distance, your intensity, your course, or do intervals. There are so many ways you can do this. The options are seriously limitless. Be inventive , never get bored .


1. Cardio bursts between sets ( A great way to include cardio into your resistance training workout)

Try adding 30-40 seconds of cardio on the end of every weightlifting set, so for example you could perform a set of bench press and as soon as you have completed your set get up and do 30 seconds of bench step ups. or have a skipping rope handy and do 30-45 seconds of skipping immediately after a resistance exercise. the possibilities are endless. Boxing, jump squats, burpees (you know you love them) jogging on the spot, what ever you choose have fun with it. think out of the box

2. Rev up your boring run with Intervals

if you enjoy long duration low intensity cardio like running or cycling why not try intervals to rev up the intensity? A simple interval structure would be a work phase and rest phase. its up to you the length of the interval phase . i suggest Trying both short high intensity work phases at about 80-90% (all out) and longer lower intensity work phases (steadier) of 60-70%. For example a 20 second work phase and a 40-50 second rest phase at a low intensity. This will most definitely alleviate boredom and most importantly burn more fat even after you have finished your workout . (After burn) . You can Add these sprint intervals to the end of your resistance workouts or before or just hit the intervals on their own for 20-30 minutes when ever you like. Most importantly have fun and see what works for you

3. HICT High Intensity circuit training

Try performing a number of full-body resistance and bodyweight exercises in a circuit one after the other. A typical HICT circuit maybe 45 seconds – 1 minute work followed by a short rest period around 10-15 seconds. both the work interval and rest can be adjusted . choosing exercises that work your whole body are best, for example a burpee or squat push press will elevate HR and work multiple muscle groups at once. This burns serious fat and builds muscle too.

4. Lift weights to burn fat with (MRT) Metabolic resistance training

Something I have been an advocate of for years and base all my transformations on is metabolic resistance training . The simplest way to employ MRT is to take the regular resistance exercises you’re already doing and simply decrease your rest time between sets. make sure you maintain good form and stick with the same heavy poundage. just keep the rest periods short around 20-30 seconds max. You can also up the intensity increasing your output by simply upping the tempo of your exercise and decreasing the weight. i find using this method within a full body workout protocol incredible for increasing lean hard muscle tissue and burning fat. It basically becomes your fat burning cardio via lifting weights rather than trudging on a treadmill

5. Add some Plyometrics

Plyometrics is a fun alternative to your everyday strength-training workout that boosts your muscle power, strength, balance, and agility. You can either do a workout based around plyometrics, or add some plyo moves to your usual workout routine . A typical plyometrics exercise is a vertical jump squat where you spring up, both feet leaving the floor and land back down absorbing into a squat. You can add a variation of both vertical and lateral plyometric moves into your workout which in turn will really help you with your compound workouts as well as your speed and agility . Include box jumps, jump squats, jump lunges, plyo push ups , any of these will help elevate your workout . Enjoy the burn

Dan chapman Fat loss coach

What Do You Do To Ignite Your Workouts? Give us a shout & let us know. You can check out more from our PT Dan Chapman on his Twitter @danchapmanPT & his Instagram @danchapman_leanbodymission

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